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Social Football on Synthetic

- Starting on TBA October 2024
- Finishing on TBA December 2023.
- Junior and Youth (U8-U16) games: Earliest kick-off time is 6:00 pm
- Senior (17+) games: Earliest kick-off time is 7 pm
Games will be running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Being a social competition, there is no formal training organised – individual teams may choose to do so themselves.
  • Organised and run under the Football Canterbury - just like the winter season

  • You will be playing teams from other clubs - just like the winter season

  • 6-a-side, playing format on a mini-sized field

  • 10 rounds - with all being played before Christmas.

  • Under 8 through to Over 50’s

  • Men, Women, Boys and Girls are all welcome

  • On our State of Art Synthetic Pitches located at Rudd Park!

  • Whole teams are accepted – please submit your list at the bottom of this page

  • Single players are welcome – we will do our best to place you in a team

  • Age groups may be combined depending on the numbers

  • All skill levels are welcome

  • Playing uniform is our current uniform for returning members - or - new players are welcome to purchase a uniform.

  • You may choose to BYO uniform but it needs to be approved by the club


Active Kids Vouchers are accepted

Junior & Youth Players (8 - 18 years):  $140
Senior Players (19 years and over):  $170

  • When will be games played?
    Dependant on the numbers that register, we anticipate age groups playing the 6-a-side Competition on the following nights:
  • Will there be finals?
    Yes, there will be finals. A Grand Final will be played between the teams finishing 1st and 2nd on the ladder at the conclusion of Round 9. All other teams will also have games scheduled on the final week.
  • Are there any additional costs, besides the registration fee?
    The only cost is the individual registration fee. There is no team fee, or any additional fees. Everything is covered in the individual registration fee including referees, field hire, and player's insurance. The only additional cost MAY be a uniform. If you don't already have a Belmore FC uniform, you may need to purchase one.
  • Do I have to be a current member of the Belmore F.C. to register?
    No... Anyone can play Summer Sixes with Belmore FC, even if you’ve never played football before. During the registration process you will have to choose Belmore FC to play with, but you don’t need to have any previous connection with us.
  • Do I I register as a team or individual?
    All players in a team must register individually. Once registered, we ask that the Team Manager send in a list of names so we can group you all together in a team. If you don't have a team to join, we'll do our best to find you one.
  • Can I start my own team?
    Absolutely! You can play with whoever you want. Organise a group of friends or teammates and get each person to register. Then simply send us your team list by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Can a team supply their own uniform?
    If you already have a Belmore FC uniform, you're good to go. If not, depending on stock quantities at the time, you may be able to purchase a uniform from the club, otherwise, you're welcome to source your own uniform, as long as all teammates are dressed the same and your proposed uniform has been approved by the Club.
  • Do jerseys need to have numbers?
    Youth and Senior Teams (U12 and over): Uniforms must be numbered for senior teams. Junior Teams (U8-U11): Numbers on jerseys are encouraged but not mandatory for junior teams - if junior teams do not have jersey numbers, they may write their number on their arm with a non toxic texta/marker.
  • Am I eligible to play in a overage competition?
    The same rules apply as the winter season, where any player can play up to 2 years above the age that they're turning this year. The difference to the winter rules is the O35, O45 and O50 leagues. To be eligible, you must be turning the correct age sometime in that calendar year. For example, someone turning 35 on 31 December would be eligible to play in the O35 competition.
  • What happens if there is a washout?
    If it looks like adverse weather will washout a match scheduled for a grass pitch, the game will be moved to a different location on the same night, when possible. If this is not possible, we will attempt to reschedule the match for a future date, which may mean playing 2 games on the one night.
  • What are the rules and disciplinary procedures?
    Rules of Association, the Indiscipline Process, and Judiciary Appeals Regulations apply as per the Football Canterbury winter season.
  • Can we borrow players to make up numbers for a game?
    Borrowing players from teams of the same club is allowed as per standard "playing-up" rules (see Rules of Association). You may not borrow players from teams registered to other clubs for competition games. If you don't have enough players to participate in a game, the game will be forfeited and will count only as a friendly. You may then borrow players from your opposition to play a friendly game.
  • Can I play for multiple teams?
    No... The same Rules of Association as the Football Canterbury winter competition remain in place.

If you have a group of players (up to 10 players) who would like to be on the same team, please register each player individually and submit your team list below

Thanks for submitting!

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