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Belmore Eagles Football Club depends on our volunteer coaches. They are sourced from our parent, carer and player community. You may be one. We need you.

If you already are a Coach for us, we thank you!
All members of our community including males and females, regardless of prior football experience are encouraged to participate as coaches and or assistant coaches. You will be supported by the Club and encouraged to to do some coaching training and certificates relevant for the age group you are working with.

Our club provides all equipment, training opportunities, coaching advice and support to help volunteers feel valued, supported and to be successful in their roles.
'What's App' Group messages from the Club
Please speak to a committee member about being added to the Coaches and Managers (CAMS) Chat,
if you are not already included in this chat. The chat group is the main communication between the committee and CAMS. 
CAMS group meetings
Throughout the season, the committee will invite all CAMS to meetings as needed. Please note, we understand your time is valuable and we always aim to conclude the meeting within an hour. The meetings are beneficial and keep all CAMS up to date with all matters relating to the season. 
Coach Materials & plans
All registered coaches have access to materials that support the preparation of coaching sessions.

Coaching Resources from FFA's National Football Curriculum are available for use by community coaches and provide a wealth of material and guidance to support coaches plan and implementing their sessions. This link sends you to the Football NSW site, which has a summary of the defined development objectives, session plans and links to sample activities for each age group that provide a high level guide to coaching your team.
Game Phases
Football NSW provides extensive information on the certificate programs, and our club will communicate with all coaches on the availability of local courses throughout the year. 
Coach Support
All coaches will be invited to a coach and managers information meeting at the start of the season where they will:

- Be provided with important information on coaching for the season
- Hear from the club’s professional development coaches on making the most of coaching
- Get more information on the opportunities for coaching courses and certificates
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