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Belmore Eagles Football Club
We are part of the Football Canterbury, which is one of, if not the first, association formed in NSW. Our club has a proud tradition dating back to 1924 and has been with the association since the beginning. 

At Rudd Park Belfield we have fantastic playing fields, amenities and facilities second to none. Our players are aware of the fair play motto and abide by the rules of the game. After all, it is a game to be enjoyed by all children and with good spirits. So join in the spirit of the world game at Belmore, where your kids are our priority.  We have some champion sides striving to be the best and more casual sides where fun and friendly recreation is more the aim. Belmore tries to cater for all players of any skill level. We have a successful women's programme and that continues to grow. Our junior coaches are passionate about instilling good sportsmanship and respectful team play into the younger players so as they grow in ability and age, they carry these traits with them.
Belmore Eagles Football Club is an inclusive friendly community of players of all ages, coaches, families and volunteers all with a love of football. 

Our Objectives
To foster, develop and create the highest possible standard of Football and sportsmanship within the District.
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