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Save $50 on your registration*

*Eligibility applies


The NSW Government is helping kids get active.

Previously applied Active kids voucher yet to be used with a registered providor, please use it by the expiry date listed on the voucher (31st January 2024).

From February 2024, eligible parents, guardians and carers of school-aged children can apply for a new voucher.

The voucher is valued at $50 and:

  • will be available twice a year, starting from February 2024

  • must be redeemed before the expiry date on the voucher.

You will be able to apply for a voucher if:

More information for parents, guardians and carers will be available soon on the website

You can apply for a voucher for each eligible student.

If you are having issues getting your Active Kids Voucher, please try any of the following:
- Watch a short video guide to applying for an active kids voucher;
- View the helpful "how to apply for an active kids voucher" guide;
- Phone the Active Kids enquiry line at the number 137788
- Email:

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