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Belmore F.C with Empoli F.A. as Technical Partner

Belmore and Empoli will work together to provide high-quality skill training to all players wanting to do so.

Belmore F.C. is an inclusive local community club with their member at heart. We heard you. You asked us for more opportunities for players to be trained in a more professional way and this year we are delivering.

We have closed an agreement with Empoli Football Academy to become Belmore Eagles’ technical partner for the 2023 season.

Both Belmore Eagles FC and Empoli FA share the vision of player focus and inclusivity. With this partnership, our players that wish to engage in further skills training will have the opportunity at our home of Rudd Park. The opportunity is available for all junior players however, it is not a requirement regardless of what division you are playing in. More information in the coming weeks.

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