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Celebrate 95 Years

95 Years




Training takes place at Rudd Park, Clarence Street Belfield.
14 years and under teams:  Parents must be present at games to assist in putting up the nets and acting as field supervisors. Every parent is expected to do their part and not to let others do it for them. Coaches and Managers volunteer their tiume and energy to be there for your children. It is your responsibility to help out in the canteen periodicallty and to assist with nets and on the sidelines. Do not just drop your child off and expect others to do your duties. Parents who do not do their share of volunteeri duties wil find that their chldren will not be starting games. This is not negotiable. If we all do our part everybody needs only to help out on a few weekends during the whole season.

Register online then come to the clubhouse at Rudd Park


Come along to our home ground and meet some of the club's friendly parents and players. We can answer any questions you may have about registering to play. 


Rudd Park Clubhouse, Clarence Street, Belfield.