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2021 Registrations are open

Special Offers Terms and Conditions

For Ages 4 - 7, Playing in an under 6 or under 7 team.  Belmore Eagles Football Club Registration is FREE for all players that are eligible for the Service NSW Active Kids $100 Rebate and apply it when registering.


For all other junior players, where eligible you can apply your Service NSW Active Kids Voucher when registering, for a $100 rebate


Senior Players for coaches. 

Senior players are asked to consider taking on a coaching role with a junior team. They will be required to complete the relevant coaching course. The cost of the course will be reimbursed by BEFC and 25% of their player registration will be refunded to them as a reward for their commitment to the development of the junior members. 

How to Register: 


1. Get your Active Kids Voucher number from Service NSW

You will need Medicare card


2. Register your child through PLAY FOOTBALL website

You will need credit/debit card to pay online. You will also need photo ID to upload with your registration



Seniors - Adult Players, Coaches, Managers and Volunteers Registration:

1. Register yourself through PLAY FOOTBALL website

Senior Players: You will need credit/debit card details to pay online

You will need photo ID to upload with your registration

Coaches and Managers: You will need a current 'Working with Children Check' (WWCC), you can apply for this online through Service NSW. There is no payment required for a Volunteers' WWCC


2. Read the Code of Conduct

You must read and agree to abide by the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association’s (CDSFA) Code of Conduct






How do I register using the PLAY FOOTBALL website?

Having issues with PLAY FOOTBALL website? 

What is the Active Kids Voucher?

How do I get an Active Kids Voucher?

See the video for more information

Can I get a refund on the Active Kids voucher once I’ve used it?

No, once an Active Kids voucher has been applied to registration, neither BEFC or Service NSW is able to provide a refund of the $100 voucher if registration is cancelled for any reason.

How much does it cost?

See Registration Fees below for more information

When do we get our equipment and kits?

Equipment and playing gear will be issued when all registrations are received and teams are formed

When can my child start playing?

Your child must be turning 5 during the calendar year so they can play in the lowest age group (Under 6’s). This means they can be 4 years old to play with us! Yay!

What age group will my child play in?

Whatever age your child turns in the calendar year is the age group they will be playing in during the season.

For example, if your child is turning 6 this year, then they will play in the Under 6 team. If they are turning 10, they will play in the Under 10 team.

Can my child play in an older team?

If there are too many or insufficient numbers in a particular age group then they are allowed to play in a higher age group  of a maximum of 2 years above that players age. So a 9 year old could play in the Under 11s.


Please note however a child should be registered in their appropriate age bracket rather than registered in the age bracket of a specific team.

What age do I need to be to register for Over 35s and 45s teams? 

You must already be 35 or 45 BEFORE the start of the year to be eligible to play in these teams. 

Also for Over 45s, you can be one of only three players who are aged 40 prior to the start of year, who have also played for the same Over 45s team in the previous season.

What do I get with my registration?

Each junior registration receives a player Jersey, shorts and socks. This is provided through the generosity of our major sponsor Campsie RSL.


Who can I speak to regarding the registration?

Please email the Registrar at



Registration fees 2021


2021 Regular Fee with Early Bird Discount
(Effective to 20 Feb 2021)

2021 Regular Fee 
(from 21 Feb 2021)


Registration Fee


Registration Fee

Ages 5, 6 & 7


Ages 5, 6 & 7


Ages 8 to 9


Ages 8 to 9


Ages 10 to 12


Ages 10 & 11


Ages 13 to 18


Ages 13 to 18


Ages 18+ (Adult)


Ages 18+ (Adult)


Registration Fee FAQs

What does the registration cost include?

The base registration fee includes: Football Federation of Australia player fee, Football NSW player fee and insurance, CDSFA player and team fees, Referee Fees (U10 – Seniors) and FFA Processing Fee and GST.

Can I get a discount? 

Yes, Get in early!

Refer to the table above for the Early Bird Discount


Each team must have a full team (i.e. 11 players for Competitive Teams) registered to submit a grading application. 


Late registrations may impact the viability of your team and when you will be able to commence playing for the season. We are unable to reserve spots in Junior Teams for late registrations.

Can I get a student discount?

Yes, Players 18 years and over who are FULL-TIME TAFE, College or University students will receive the student fee discount in their age group. You must show proof of your age with your Student ID. NO COPIES Accepted.

Do you have a payment plan?

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, resulting in your inability to pay for a registration, please contact the President direct on 0422 879 540 for a confidential discussion.