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2019 RegistrationS

Click Here to View our PLAYER Self Registration Guide



Click Here to View our Coaches, Managers & Volunteers Self Registration Guide



Registrations are now performed ONLINE  through a national website called Play Football


For Ages 5 - 9, Belmore Eagles Football Club Registration is FREE for all players that apply and receive a voucher number for the NSW Government's Active Kids $100 Rebate.


Each junior player registering in 2019 for Belmore Eagles will receive FOR FREE, the Players Jersey, shorts socks and Training Jersey plus a kit Bag/back-pack and Drink Bottle. All this is included in your registration.




All players, coaches, Managers and volunteers must read and agree to abide by the Football Asociation's Code Of Conduct. Click this link to read the CODE OF CONDUCT.



How to Register a player:




1. Visit Service NSW to apply for your 16-digit ACTIVE KIDS Voucher Number for each child. You need your Medicare Number to apply. Below is a short video showing what you need to do to receive Active Kids Voucher number:


First Click Here to Watch the Video Guide for 'How To Get an Active Kids Voucher Number'




Click here to open our 'How to apply for an Active Kids Voucher Guide'.pdf.


When you are ready,  Click Here to APPLY FOR AN ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER NUMBER


Please note that a refund of the Active Kids voucher is not possible: Once an Active Kids voucher has been applied to registration, neither BEFC or ServiceNSW is able to provide a refund of the $100 voucher if registration is cancelled for any reason. You should carefully consider use of your voucher if there will be any reason for you to consider cancelling your registration.


2. Register your child through Play Football:  


Click this link to REGISTER to play through the 'Play Football' WEBSITE




SENIORS - Adult Player Registration:



Click here to Register here for 2019 Football Season

A 'Self Registration Guide' has been created to help you with this process. The Guide includes a step through registration process plus troubleshooting tips.


Click Here to see a player's Self Registration Guide


If you still experience technical difficulties with your myfootballclub login and password please contact the FFA Support Centre (02) 8020 4199.


All fees must be paid when registering online. Please note the following:

  • No player will be registered to a team until full registration fee is paid
  • No equipment will be issued to players until the full registration fee is paid.

For other registration related queries please email the Registrar at




The base registration fee includes: Football Federation of Australia player fee, Football NSW player fee and insurance, CDSFA player and team fees, Referee Fees (U10 – Seniors) and FFA Processing Fee and GST


Registration Fees 2019

Your registration fees include your jersey, which you can keep.  


Get in early!


In order to encourage player registration prior to grading, the Junior price is $20 cheaper than the regular season price and the Senior price is $50 cheaper than the regular season price. Each team must have a full team (i.e. 11 players for Senior Teams) registered to submit a grading application. 


This year we are extending the Early Bird discount till 23 February 2018




2019 Early Bird Fee
(from 1 Feb to 23 Feb 2019)

2019 Regular Fee 
(from 24 Feb)


Registration Fee


Registration Fee

Ages 10 & 11$235Ages 10 & 11$255
Ages 12 & 13$255Ages 12 & 13$275
Ages 14, 15, 16 & 17$275Ages 14, 15, 16 & 17$295
Ages 18+ (Student)$335Ages 18+ (Student)$355
Ages 18+ (Adult)$385Ages 18+ (Adult)$405



Student Discount Qualification:

Players 18 years and over who are FULL-TIME TAFE, College or University students will receive the student fee discount in their age group.You must show proof of your age with your Student ID. NO COPIES Accepted.



Payment Plan:

For families with more than one child registering (Junior years only), a payment plan is available.


Payments are due on the following days:

  • February: 3 and 17
  • March: 3 and 17

Final payment must be received by 17 March or your child will not be registered to play.


Playing Requirements for 2019

Under 6s:  


Your child must be turning 5 during the calendar year of 2019 so they can play in the lowest age group. This means they can be 4 years old to play with us! Yay!


What age group will my child play in?  


Whatever age your child turns in the calendar year of 2019 is the age group they will be playing in during season 2019. For example, if your child is turning 6 during 2019, then they will play in the Under 6 team. If they are turning 10, they will play in the Under 10 team.


Can my child play in an older team?


If there are too many or insufficient numbers in a particular age group then they are allowed to play in a higher age group  of a maximum of 2 years above that players age. So a 9 year old could play in the Under 11s.


Over 35s and 45s teams:


You must already be 35 or 45 BEFORE 1st January 2019 to be eligible to play in these teams. Or, you should be one of only three players who are aged 40 prior to 1st January 2019, who have also played for the same O45 team in the 2018 season.


Come Play Soccer With Us!

Register anytime online!



Club Info Open Day at Rudd Park


We would love to help you register, answer your questions and meet you for a chat  at our Rudd Park Clubhouse - Clarence St, Belfield.


We will be at the clubhouse:


  • Sat 16 Feb, 10am - 2pm
  • Wed 19 Feb, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Sat  23 Feb, 10am - 2pm

Sports Injury Insurance 

The Football NSW Insurance Program has been arranged by Football NSW on behalf of all Insured Persons.


  • The programme is administered by Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers.
  • It gives basic cover for participants who suffer injuries arising out of participation in football. 
  • This includes all appropriately registered players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, voluntary workers, selectors, referees, ball boys, medical officers, physiotherapists and ambulance officers; and all directors, officers, employees, executive officers, office bearers and committees of the insured.
  • It applies to people participating in official football matches as well as organised training, travelling between home / work and training or games, staying away from home for a tour and administrative and social activities for your club.


For more information:


Make a claim: